Your shoulders, neck or lower back are feeling stiff after surfing or simply from working long hours on the computer? Then a deep tissue massage is a great start to loosen up, get out of pain and regain mobility.

I am releasing muscle tension & pain with deep tissue work, akupressure & thai-yoga stretches. With more than 16 years of experience in bodywork I can focus on your shoulders or back for example while creating a space for deep relaxation at the same time.

After the session you will feel rejuvenated & balanced, enjoying more mobility - and by prescribing an individualized exercise- and streching routine your healing process can be supported.

60 min. :  70,-

35 min. :  €40,-

Gift Vouchers are available!

To book a session or buy a voucher simply message me, SMS or whatsapp +351 969139951.

Treatments take place in my studio in Arrifana / Aljezur, Portugal. You can find the location of the Dawn Collective Shala here on google-maps.


In a small group of max. 8 participants we release tension in lower back, shoulders and hips, improve flexibility and we build internal strength & body control to enjoy more freedom of movement. Sequences are designed for surfers but are suitable for everyone!

MOBILITY & CORE (75 min. class):  

Fridays 10:00

Location: Dawn Collective Shala / Arrifana Portugal.

Save your spot via whatsapp +351 969139951

The sessions contain: 

* Warm-up with rotational movements for the joints (FRC® CARS), priming the deep tissue, improving proprioception & mobility.

* Fascia release techniques with tennis ball / blackroll.  

* Exercises to build postural strength, integrating 360 degree core stability with hips, legs and shoulders.

* FRC® mobility drills (PAILs & RAILs). Long-held stretches combined with isometric contractions, building internal strength, extend & control range of motion and bullet-proof the joints.

* A short guided relaxation at the end.

Surf PLUS! Coaching Intensive.

Join me for a week or two of Surfing in the south of Portugal and get the most out of it: Catching more waves, have more fun and actually improve your surfing and your physical condition. Come alone or bring a friend - this is designed as an individualized coaching retreat.

The Package includes:

* A one hour video call 3 weeks before your trip to figure out your needs & goals.

* A training sequence via video, based on the above call, for you to prepare for the trip.

* 1 year full access to the Surfer´s Health Video library.

* 3 In-Person mobility training sessions designed exactly to serve your needs.

* 1 Ocean Guiding session to level up your skills of reading waves, currents, weather, & swells.

* 2 private in the water surf coaching sessions ( I partner with an experienced and certified surf coach).

* An optional surfskate training

Let´s go chase waves together and have a blast. I´ll join you for the ocean guiding and in water surf coachings, working together closely with my local partners to make sure you have the best surf trip ever.

Message me via whatsapp so we can chat details and I will send you an individualized offer.